Thursday, April 10, 2014

Barbells, biking, and buch

Sometimes the sun comes out!
It seems the warm weather is finally hear to stay (I hope!), so I decided to pull my bike out of storage. It is crazy how a simple contraption with two wheels can immediately improve my mood; all negative feelings dissipated during my bike ride. The only bad thing was biking after front squats... I was waddling for about an hour after I got to campus...

Serious yums are going to happen

When I got home I arrived to an awesome package from Erica chock full of EPIC, Nakd, and Greens+ bars. Cannot. Wait. To. Try!
Riding on this good mood high, I FINALLY started brewing the kombucha I purchased way too long ago. I crave it daily, so it's about time I start making my own.

Let's talk about food and workouts!

4x10 Front squats @ 50%
8 Push press
15 Push ups
5 Hang power cleans

Front squats were at 65# and felt okay, all things considered. Push presses and HPCs were at 55#, and as I told my trainer mid-workout, things escalated quickly! Utter arm death!

Rainbow chard is the prettiest of chards

Pre-WOD: SFH whey, 1/2 sweet potato + coconut butter
Post-WOD: About Time protein, banana, chocolate coconut milk*
Breakfast: 2 eggs, rainbow chard, Applegate chicken sausage, and blueberries
Post-breakfast snack (shut up): Dark chocolate square with sunbutter
Lunch: Chicken mole + kamut berries
Dinner: Ground beef, carrot fritters, rainbow chard, mashed cauliflower, and marinara

* A woman from the gym brought me some chocolate covered peanut butter balls, so those were in the mix, too. Holy yum

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Deload Week

It's deloading week at the gym! Wahoo! It probably couldn't be better timing because this past week has been stress.ful. I've given two guest lectures, a conference talk, as well as regular school activities like paper presentations and teaching.
The conference I went to today was on public health, yet they had pasta salad and bread galore. So glad I packed a back-up.

5x10 Backsquats @ 50%
5x5 RDL
4x10 Ring dips

The backsquats were nice. I'm getting really familiar with that lean feeling and working on correcting it.
RDLs felt better than they normally do. 110#!

Pre-WOD: About Time, 1/2 sweet potato + coconut butter
Post-WOD: About Time, banana, coconut milk
Breakfast: 1/2 sweet potato, rainbow chard, 2 eggs, Applegate chicken sausage
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast + Perfect Bar
Dinner: Roast, carrot fritters, roasted broccoli

This morning I stepped on the scale and it read 117. WHAT?! Exciting.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dialing Down

Something I've known for a while is that I have a crooked squat. My left hip drops farther down than my right. There's a physical therapist who works out in the class before me, so my trainer pulled him aside on Thursday to check it out. Apparently I have a bit of a balance problem (duh) and because of that, one leg is stronger than the other. I lean to one side when I squat, especially as the load increases. The PT recommended that I do a lot of one-legged deadlifts, pistols, etc. as well as decreasing load and increasing reps on my squat days so I can work on correcting the lean. This means I won't be maxing out next week, so I'm kind of bummed. Oh well. Stronger in the long run, yeah?

Let's talk about what I ate today!

Breakfast: Polish sausage, brussels sprout leaves, 2 eggs, banana + almond butter
Pre-WOD: About Time Strawberry Whey, 1 small sweet potato + Kerrygold
Post-WOD: About Time Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey, waxy maize, chocolate coconut milk
Lunch: Smokey roast, brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato + Kerrygold
Snack: Way too much almond+walnut+brazil nut butter and way too many dates
Dinner: Meatball soup from the freezer

I'm still getting used to the sheer quantity of food I'm consuming. My macros are not what I'm used to... Sidebar: Every time I go too long without a snack, I go overboard. Anyone else?

4x1 Deadlifts @ 95%
1x20 Backsquats
50 Evil ab wheels
50 K2E

Deadlifts felt amazing for being 95% (166.5). I'm feeling super great about those. Backsquats were significantly lighter than last week so I could really focus on my hips. After the first set, I noticed that my left hip was really tight, did some mobility, and OMG it was like I was a new woman.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring = Salad

Spring is in the air and salad is on the brain. This morning I was staring into my kitchen trying to figure out what I could bring for lunch. The kale + spinach medley in my fridge was staring back at me. I decided to throw together a quick dressing of balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, olive oil, and S+P. (So good!) Though the main components of the salad were shredded chicken and avocado, the highlight was definitely the dressing. YUM!
Totally packing it again tomorrow.

Goodbye, Open 2014!

Last Friday night everyone got together for one last hurrah, 14.5. Due to time constrains and, well, the fact that most of the people in the gym are weightlifters and not CrossFitters, there was a 15 minute cap on the workout. Having never done Fran Rx, I was a little nervous going into it, but thankful for the cap because at least I knew I wouldn't be left doing the workout into the wee hours of the night. In the 15 minutes, I got 90 reps, and I'm pretty damn proud of myself. Over half way is okay with me. Everyone was so supportive, I really couldn't have repped out those last few thrusters without them.
Probably the best part of 14.5 was the feast that occurred afterwards. A big group of us went out for burgers afterwards, and I had one of the best burgers (elk!) and sweet potato waffles fries ever. (Or maybe it was because I was so worn out?)

The following day's workout involved heavy deadlifts which have seriously never felt better. The 2x20 backsquats at ~63% however... ouch! Sunday was a lot of waddling and not a lot of walking.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Open season! See you at Regionals! (Just kidding)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Week in review

Apparently coming back from spring break means slowly coming back to blogging.
I'm getting used to this whole eating-around-the-clock thing! I figure I can whine about being scrawny or shut up and gain weight. It's easy to shut your mouth when you're constantly shoving food in it.

Tuesday's Workout:
Back Squat 3x2@90%, 2x2@95%
15 Push-ups
Sprint 200m
Rest 1 minute

Backsquats were at 125# and 133#. Sucked! Running was fun, as always. RDLs were at 105# and I am so not a fan.

Wednesday's Workout:
Front Squat 2x5@85%, 2x5@80%
Every other minute for 10 minutes (5x)
30 Heavy KBS
After you are done, row 500m for each incomplete set

Front squats were at 110# and 105#. Boy, did they hurt. What was even worse was KBS. I used to 44#, and I wanted to quit half way through. It's been a long time since I've felt that way about a workout.

Pre-WOD: Larabar + SFH Whey protein
Post-WOD: About Time whey + waxy maize
Breakfast: Brussels sprouts, bacon, 2 eggs, guac and fruit (all of the things!)
Lunch: Creole chicken and sausage with spinach
Snack I: Choco banana muffin w/ dollop of almond butter
Dinner: 1/2 sweet potato, paleo sloppy Joe's, and roasted broccoli
Snack II: 1/2 sweet potato with coconut butter

Monday, March 24, 2014

Waxy maize struggles

I need to find someone else who is taking waxy maize so I can get their input on it. I tried it (twice) for the first time today, and I don't think I'm a fan. It had me feeling nauseated for roughly 5 hours. So. much. food.
I added a scoop to my pre-wod protein and my post-wod protein. I might try half a scoop, but I don't know if that defeats the purpose...
Breakfast was ingested not out of hunger, but purely out of necessity. Gains are tough! It seems I have a little more fat on my stomach though, is that a good sign?

Today was a pretty easy day back to school, which is exactly what I needed. I'm slow to adjust coming back from spring break. Thank goodness hitting the gym is easier than hitting the books. Let's talk about the WOD and foods, shall we?

3x3 Press, then add 25-35% for 3x3 Push Press

9min Alt EMOM (10x)
10 Thrusters
7 Burpee Pull ups

Press was 60-60-61.5. That extra 1.5, y'all... moving on up. Push press, like the past three weeks, were at 75#... meh. Those feel gross. Because of height issues, the trainer said I could either do burpees or pull ups. Needed to work on pull ups, because I can't kip to save my life, I decided to do those. I did thrusters at 55#, and I'm kicking myself. I so should have done Fran weight! I finished each round with roughly 30 seconds of rest. It was a super fun workout regardless.

Pre-WOD: 1 scoop waxy maize + 1 scoop SFH whey
Post-WOD: 1 scoop waxy maize + 1 scoop About Time whey
Breakfast: 2 eggs, collard greens, 3 Applegate chicken sausage links
Lunch: Swedish meatballs and brussels sprout salad
Snack I: coffee + Kerrygold
Snack II: Banana + almond butter
Dinner: Creole Chicken + Sausage with roasted cauliflower and leftover brussels sprout salad
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